Farm Pond Campground Rules

Please do not litter.  Place all trash in secured plastic bags and
place in trash containers for pick-up.

There are no public showers or restrooms at this
time, so only campers equipped with these facilities should stay.

No firearms or fireworks are allowed. No air
guns, bb guns, pellet guns, paint guns or sling shots allowed.

Please do not wander through other campsites.

Quiet hours are from 10 PM until 8 AM.  Please make sure your children are in your
campsite and quiet by then.

Guests must leave the campground by 9 PM.

Campers are responsible for their children and their guests.

Keep the area around your camper tidy. 

Keep outdoor decorations in your campsite area.

Radios, TVs and conversations should be at low
volume so as to not disturb other campers.

No inappropriate behavior or foul language.  This is a family oriented facility and
violators will be asked to leave.

No hunting allowed.

No cutting of trees or plants.  Do not attach anything to trees with screws,
nails or anything that will cause damage to the trees. 

Do not disturb the natural area around your campsite

Campfires are only allowed in designated areas and grills

No high blazing fires

Wood for fires may be collected from the ground,
but NO cutting of standing trees or plants for firewood, dead or alive.

Do not leave any fire or grill unattended.

Discreet and responsible alcohol consumption is to be confined to your campsite. 
refund.  Campers are responsible fortheir guests.

Use of illegal drugs is not allowed

One vehicle per site.  Additional vehicles allowed in general parking.

Do not block roadways or other sites with vehicles.

No vehicles allowed around pond or in undeveloped
areas of the campground.

Speed limit 5 MPH

No ATVs or dirt bikes allowed

Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times.  Do not leave pets tied or unattended in your
campsite at any time. Do not tie your pet to trees.

Pets are not allowed in beach area at any time.

Barking dogs disturb other campers and will not
be allowed.

Clean up after your pet. 

Dogs that display aggressive behavior toward
people or other dogs will not be allowed.  

 The pond is  available for fishing or swimming.  Catch and release.

Children should be accompanied by an adult when near the pond 

Anyone in violation of these rules will be asked to leave the campground
without refund.

 Clientle of Farm Pond Campground
use this facility (including pond and woods) at their own risk.